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  • Book trailer "The book in the frame is the living pages of the war"
    Club of young journalists "Parallels"
    Comprehensive program "Youth"
    Identification of talented youth in the work of the school press center
    IR-project "EnergoStart for Friends of the World"
    Project. "Creative approach to the content of КТД"
    Project. "Delphic Games"
    Project. "Everyone has the right to be happy"
    Project. "Implementation of the processes of socialization of adolescents in the Internet space. A class teacher in a social network"
    Project. "In the rhythm of the city." Bike ride
    Project. "Marathon of health of generations"
    Project. "The system of analyzing the interests of youth and remote control of a group, with a common access"
    Project. "We are faithful to this memory"
    Project. «In line online»
    Project. Forming a health-saving educational environment in the college
    Project. Republican competition on the fundamentals of life safety among students "Students. Security. Future"
    Project. The comprehensive program "Youth" for attracting, securing and professional formation of young workers in the branch "Bus park №6"
    Project. The system of work of the consultative and relaxation point "Difficult Monday", which contributes to the social integration of young people who find themselves in a difficult life situation
    Project. Volunteer club "New Generation"
    Project. Week of the youth book "Time to read young"
    Regulations on the Youth Council Vitebsk UE "Pharmacy"
    Social and educational Internet project "Family Circle"
    The program "Social Integration of Young People in a Difficult Situation"
    The program in the sphere of the state youth policy of JSC "Borisovskiy ДОК"
    The project "People's Family Club" Island of Understanding "
    The project "Strengthening the Institute of a Young Family - We Will Save Our Wealth"
    Volunteer project "Road of good"